Study in Montenegro

Student Visa VFS Checklist and Process

Expenses and documents required for Student Long Stay D Visa:-


  1. Registration Fees:  Euro 50
  2. Visa Fees:  Euro 80
  3. Tuition Fees:  Euro 4400

Document Checklist 

  1. Completed and signed visa application form duly filled in English  

We will help you to fill out the form

2. Education Document (apostille)

If required, we can provide an apostille service 

3. One recent passport photo

Student will provide

4. Original Passport 

Student will provide

5. Overseas Travel Medical Insurance valid for Montenegro

Student will provide

6. Proof of sufficient and regular personal financial 

Bank Statement (7 to 8 lacs) - One-day-old funds acceptable 

7. Original Letter of Acceptance by the Education  Institution 

8. Proof of Tuition Fees Paid

Need to pay at least 2200 Euro after university signs study contract with student 

9. Original Educational Certificates, apostilled 

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