Study in Latvia

Students from Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen must obtain a residence permit before entering Latvia. CONTACT US to know the steps on how to apply.


1.  Long Stay Visa Application Form (we will help to fill form)

  1. Two photo (size 35mm x 45 mm)
  2. Invitation approved by the OCMA (we provide)
  3. Written certification issued by the higher education institution or college (we provide)
  4. Proof of sufficient financial means (min 8500 euro)
  5. Proof of Accommodation ( we provide)
  6. Copies of your prior education diplomas and mark sheets
  7. Travel Medical Insurance
  8. Hello Verify Conformation Slip ( we help)

Steps To Apply Visa 

  1. Send your Document (passport scan and education document) we will secure admission in university
  2. pay your admission fee (As a rough guide, application fees can range from

$100 to $200 but can go as high as $250 (university will load your documents for verification on portal)

  1. university will secure your invitation from OCMA , you need to sign Contract with university and pay your fee to university (fully refundable in case of visa refusal)
  2. upload your education documents on Hello Verify for verification (we will help you in this process )
  3. Book your appointment with VFS Globel apply for the long stay visa (we help with appointment )
  4. All student applicants needs to appear for an interview. (In Vfs Globel through video conferencing) (NO Interviews for MASTER)

Fees And courses

Bachelor and master level

  1. Hospitality 2500 to 4000 Euro
  2. Business 2500 to 4000 Euro
  3. Information technology and computer science 3000 to 6000 Euro

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