Study in Cyprus


  • Passport Copy (valid for at least from the day of programme commencement)
  • 2 Photos (passport size)
  • High School Leaving Certificate - 10th - 12th Level (in English Language)
  • High School Transcripts - 10th & 12th Level (min 50% GPA) (in English Language)


With the aforementioned documents (send them via email), students will receive a conditional offer letter for the programme of their interest and can continue with the visa process.

We take charges of the visa application process and submits the students' documents (you can find attached all requirement documents for visa application)  at the Migration department.

Depending on their nationality, student need to follow a different procedure to prepare their visa document. 

For example:

Students from India must apostille their visa documents.

Students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan must attest their documents at the nearest Cyprus Embassy or Consulate.

Students from Middle East countries like Egypt and Jordan must also attest their documents at the nearest Cyprus Embassy or Consulate.

In general, countries which are members of the Hague Apostille Convention, must apostille their visa documents while courtiers which are not members require an attestation from the nearest Cyprus Embassy or Consulate. 

What to expect at the airport:

Students must show:

  1. Copy of visa
  2. Receipt of tuition fess
  3. 2000 Euros in cash

Note: Some courtiers (e.g. Pakistan, Bangladesh) require a stamp on their passport by the Cyprus  Consulate. This is done after issuance of their visa. 


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